In 2018 several members of the Rust community in China began talking: Europe, North America, and now South America have their own community conferences.

What about Asia?

Founding organizers from Cryptape and PingCAP knew that something must be done. With the support & assistance of the Rust Events team itself, as well as the RustFest Europe team, a conference began to take shape.

RustCon Asia

Asia has a long history of Rust use…

People in Asia are using Rust. With a ‘Rust China Community’ group on Wechat of over 300 users and other Rust centric learning groups (some with over 80 members), we wanted to connect with other Rust communities across Asia, & Worldwide.

Companies in Asia are using Rust.

  • PingCAP, based in Beijing, was one of the first production users of Rust in the (now CNCF) project TiKV.
  • Cryptape is using Rust to build next trust layers in Nervos.
  • Baidu X-Lab is building a memory-safe trustworthy computing framework in the MesaTEE software stack.

Are you using Rust in production in Asia? Please tell us so we can highlight you!

We can accomplish more, and do better, together. So let us gather our voices together at RustCon Asia.