Hello / 你好 Asia

Ana (飘飘熊) & Aimee (阿敏), RustCon Team

February 15, 2019

Today we are very proud to announce RustCon Asia 2019, happening April 20th to 23rd in Beijing, China. The conference will span four days, including 1.5 days of talks and 2 days of workshops.

RustCon Asia aims to be a repeating conference travelling Asia. We are inspired by Conferences like RustFest (EU), Rust Belt Rust (Eastern NA), RustRush (Russia), RustConf (Western NA) and Rust LatAm (SA). While we adore these conferences, and hope we can support each other, many of these events are difficult to attend for those of us in the Asian region.

In Asia, Rust projects are operating in production, and have been for years. Some of these projects are operating at a foundation level in core banking systems, trust chains, distributed systems, networking, and cloud infrastructure in China.

We chose Beijing to host this conference because it makes the most sense. Our organizing organizations are in China, and we are most familiar with the Chinese community.

In the future, we intend to move the conference around Asia each iteration, highlighting local work and fostering collaboration with our global community.

While we’re still organizing the final details, you can expect the following things from us:

  • A space to meet new friends, new or old.
  • Talks in English and Chinese (live transcription will be available both ways.)
  • Hands-on workshops (workshops are not transcribed).
  • Content ranging from beginner to advanced.
  • A blind CFP process, mirroring that of Rust LatAm, Rust Belt Rust and RustFest.
  • Members of organizations using Rust in production.
  • An open, inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome.
  • A team that wants to make sure you can access the event. (Contact us for questions)
  • A chance to explore Beijing with new & old friends.

You can propose a talk or workshop here!

You can buy tickets in Chinese here (Wechat Pay accepted), or English here (PayPal accepted)!

RustCon Asia is organized by members of PingCAP (makers of TiKV) and Cryptape. We thank Baidu X-Lab (makers of Mesalock Linux) for being our first sponsor.

For some of us, it’s our first time organizing an event like this. So please give us constructive feedback if you see something wrong. Email.